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TF7 1.2 – Updated with Inter-app Audio

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TF7  updated with Inter-app Audio for iOS7! This update allows you to record audio from TF7 straight into DAW apps like Garageband and Beatmaker 2. Note : Inter-app Audio is available for Pro Upgrade users only. 

Other stuff that was updated :
– MIDI In Channels Selector 
– Select/Deselect MIDI In Sources 
– Fixed various bugs

TF7 Updated to 1.12

Hey guys, 

TF7 has been updated to 1.12 .

New stuff

  • Ability to switch off pad pitch bend effects
  • Ability to keep pitch bend mode for pads persistent when changing presets (option in Settings -> Controls -> Note Bend Mode Changes with Preset) 
  • Updated to Audiobus 


  • Fix for preset selection misalignment after purchasing IAP
  • Fix for iOS6 visual bugs
  • Resolved issue of multiple requests to type password when restoring in-app purchases 

TF7 Synth Updated to 1.10! Lots of new stuff!

Huge update! 
Get 50+ more new sounds with the new Weird and Wonderful Preset Pack! 
Assign vibrato or whammy to each note pad, make your notes sing, or scream! 

Other Things : 
– Disable the key changing when switching between presets 
– Midi In from other apps is fixed. 
– Button closer together now, no more bum notes. 
– Assign the morph parameters from the main screen itself 
– Midi clock sync with external apps 
– Presets can be saved in “User” Directory 
– Morph cursor now reflects the actual value of the morphing variable

Weird and Wonderful : TF7 Add-On Presets.. is here!



Presets List

Keys Lead Pads Percussive
Bells of Lai Aliens Play Electric Too! Ants in my Head Knocking on Tin Cans
Binarial Broken Synth Chaos Pad High Tech Toy
Punchline Chidori Cold Wind Blows Pallets and Flutes
Purest Pain Love Thing Crystal Pad
Schizophrenic Space Ducks Eight Inch Nail
Soft and Simple Tainted Love Halo
Unpredictable Kingdom
Love and Loss
Meditative State
Overcast Redux
Trip to Synthland
Rhythmic Strings Bass Effects
Brittle Not Quite Brass Abandoned Facility Alien Patrol
Destruction Pure Strings Dolby Crazy Whammy
Easy on the Delay! Sands of Time Fight Club Detuned Jump
Inner Turmoil Heavy Entomorph
It Haunts Me Out of Fight Club Hyperloop
Perceptive Reality Rubber Bandy
Perpetual Motion Space Roulette
Robot Orgy
Scratch Fest
Termites They Bite!