Weird and Wonderful : TF7 Add-On Presets.. is here!



Presets List

Keys Lead Pads Percussive
Bells of Lai Aliens Play Electric Too! Ants in my Head Knocking on Tin Cans
Binarial Broken Synth Chaos Pad High Tech Toy
Punchline Chidori Cold Wind Blows Pallets and Flutes
Purest Pain Love Thing Crystal Pad
Schizophrenic Space Ducks Eight Inch Nail
Soft and Simple Tainted Love Halo
Unpredictable Kingdom
Love and Loss
Meditative State
Overcast Redux
Trip to Synthland
Rhythmic Strings Bass Effects
Brittle Not Quite Brass Abandoned Facility Alien Patrol
Destruction Pure Strings Dolby Crazy Whammy
Easy on the Delay! Sands of Time Fight Club Detuned Jump
Inner Turmoil Heavy Entomorph
It Haunts Me Out of Fight Club Hyperloop
Perceptive Reality Rubber Bandy
Perpetual Motion Space Roulette
Robot Orgy
Scratch Fest
Termites They Bite!

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