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Introducing TF7 Chaos Arpeggiator & New Presets!


Chaos Arpeggiator TF7

Coming in TF7 Synth 1.3 Update

The next version of TF7 Synth (1.3) will have an in-app purchase that is the Chaos Arpeggiator + Presets. Here is a breakdown of the Chaos Arpeggiator’s features. 

The main differentiating factor of the Chaos Arpeggiator is that it allows you to play in chordal/diatonic mode. In this mode, the arpeggiator plays diatonic chords. So in the key of C, instead of an E arpeggio, it becomes an Em arpeggio. Instead of an A arpeggio, the arpeggiator will automatically play Am instead. This will be useful to songwriters who want to use an arpeggio to quickly generate chordal lines.

Presets List

Keys Lead Pads Percussive
Punch In, Punch Out Electronic Madness 120BPM Only Please Crazed Drummer
From Pond to Pond Ocean Deep Dual Personality
Mom Hates It Slicey Dicey Miniscule
Scratch an Itch
Screaming in Trance
Statistically Fat
Two Digit System
Voices in my Head


Rhythmic Bass Effects
Morse Code Best Served Fast Use With Caution
Sucker Punch Chaos Catalyst
Unintended Consequences Croak of Death
Volatile Grains of Emotion
Power Source
Screams When Played Fast


Something new coming to TF7…

Watch for it 😉