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TF7 Synth in the Sweetwater news!

Thought that this was worth a mention, TF7 Synth was recently featured in Sweetwater’s iOS making video segments. 


TF7 1.5.1 Update – Enhanced Possibilities Preset Pack, and more!


With TF7 Synth version 1.5, users gained the additional ability to choose from 9 more different waveforms for the carrier and modulation waves. Also, there was  the introduction of the auto-vibrato effect for Expanded Algorithm users, which made it possible to make highly expressive preset sounds.

The new Enhanced Possibilities expands on this, almost all the presets make use of the new waveforms and effects, demoing the range of possibilities of the new tone-shaping tools.

Enhanced Possibilities comes with 100+ new preset sounds, with a bias towards Keys, Lead and Pad sounds. Appearing under the Store tab, soon!

Presets List

Enhanced Possibilities List1


Enhanced Possibilities List 2