TF7 Gets Ableton Link

Ableton Link

TF7 now supports Ableton Link!
– To activate : Settings -> Ableton Link -> Switch on Ableton Link and Notifications
– Sync all bpm-dependent effects/lfos to Linked apps
– Chaos Arpeggiator is now sync-ed to Link.

TF7 Synth Manual

It took some time, but the manual is out now. Click the Support tab to download it!

TF7 Synth in the Sweetwater news!

Thought that this was worth a mention, TF7 Synth was recently featured in Sweetwater’s iOS making video segments. 


TF7 1.5.1 Update – Enhanced Possibilities Preset Pack, and more!


With TF7 Synth version 1.5, users gained the additional ability to choose from 9 more different waveforms for the carrier and modulation waves. Also, there was  the introduction of the auto-vibrato effect for Expanded Algorithm users, which made it possible to make highly expressive preset sounds.

The new Enhanced Possibilities expands on this, almost all the presets make use of the new waveforms and effects, demoing the range of possibilities of the new tone-shaping tools.

Enhanced Possibilities comes with 100+ new preset sounds, with a bias towards Keys, Lead and Pad sounds. Appearing under the Store tab, soon!

Presets List

Enhanced Possibilities List1


Enhanced Possibilities List 2

TF7 1.41 Update

This is a bug fix update for the crash when changing keys in 1.40.
Some optimizations also for iPad3, for a better playing experience.

TF7 – New Expanded Algorithms Pack is Here!

TF7 Expanded Algorithms

New IAP Expanded Algorithms bringing 6-operator FM synthesis to the iPad

  • 32 New 6-Operator Frequency Modulation Algorithms from the classic synths
  • 3 New Effects (Reverse Delay, Ring Modulator and Maelstrom Filter)

Also Coming in TF7 Ver 1.4 

  • Selectable scales for the TF7 Keypad (Pentatonic, Blues ,Japanese, Minor, Mode scales and more) 
  • Inter-app Audio : Use TF7 as an instrument in Cubasis and other DAWs. Freeze your TF7 track in Cubasis to save CPU! 
  • Press the Keypad lock button in full screen mode to access the preset selector at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Directly modify modulation values by pressing on the number itself for fine modulation adjustments 

Expanded Algorith

Expanded Presets Page 2

TF7 – A Look into the Expanded Algorithms (Part 1)

In this post we’ll be taking a look at the Expanded FM algorithms that comes with the new Expanded Algorithms pack in TF7. I shan’t go into the details of Frequency Modulation – you can check out this article by PoD  for a layman’s introduction to Frequency Modulation.

With the introduction of the 32 new algorithms, some explanation for the parameters are in order. Let’s take Algorithm 35 for example. 

 Algorithm 35

Here you see 6 operators (all the Expanded FM algorithms are 6 operators) comprising of 3 Modulators and 3 Carriers. 1 Modulator is assigned to each carrier so each of them is doing their own thing. Do note that a ADSR Envelope is available for each modulator, so you can tweak how the modulating wave behaves as you wish. Note also that you can control the modulation amount for each modulator. Basically, this is the amount of modulation you are feeding to the carrier.

Too complicated? Don’t worry, the Expanded Algorithms comes with 200 presets based on these algorithms for you to tweak. You can just create new sounds from the existing presets.

And if this doesn’t scare you off too much, read on.

Think of each modulator-carrier pair as one component to the final sound. The ADSR after the carrier controls the pattern of the signal that gets added to the final sound. The volume of the carrier indicates how much of the signal from this particular modulator-carrier pair is being added to the final sound. This explains how you can create a say, percussive piano sound. 

1st Mod-Car Pair : Short decay, percussive sound 

2nd Mod-Car Pair : Medium decay, overtones

3rd Mod-Car Pair : Long decay, main sound 

When you understand this, you can begin to design original sounds of your own. For example, you can have a short decay sound which is like a bell, and “background” sounds of long decay and sustain which behaves like a pad/strings.  This creates a new sound when fused together in an algorithm like this. 


That’s all for Part 1. Let me know if this is useful! 

We’ve resolved to pledge our allegiance to this… ;)

Lovely, isn’t it?

Melody DJ 1.01 Updated!

  • Overall smoother performance, fixes the lag experienced by users of some devices playing Hard Mode (still requires iPhone 4s and above) 
  • User will not be able to make a mistake during auto play in Easy Mode 
  • Now you only need 100 coins to unlock Ode to Joy and Moonlight Sonata 
  • Impossible mode is now harder for Fur Elise and Jupiter 
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Download now!

Melody DJ – It’s Out!


It’s finally out! Melody DJ is our take on the falling music blocks game. What’s different is that you are actually playing the notes in in real time, unlike many other music games where the notes are pre-played for you. 

Melody DJ comes with 2 free songs, and 2 more that are unlockable as you play more. If you like the game, you can support us by purchasing more songs via the in-app purchases. These songs are all classical favourites like Canon and Fur Elise. Fun facts about these songs pop up from time to time, making for an educational experience as well. 

Because of the intensive real-time note tracking algorithm, Melody DJ currently works well only with iPhone 4s and iPad2 and above.  

So try it now! It’s a free download

More info here.


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